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At Moston, we can trace our roots back to 1969, when we began production of bronze castings in Turkey. Since than we have become Europe’s leading bronze gear blank manufacturer. Moston’s integrated manufacturing supports our specialties in centrifugal casting and continuous casting.As a full-service bronze foundry, we deliver complete, fully machined, ready-to-hob bronze gear blanks made to exact customer specifications. Moston is now a global power house over 100 employees and 3 countries United Kingdom, Turkey and Romania.


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We provide gear blanks, bushings and  bearings for every purpose imaginable, customised in response to client-specific needs. We also manufacture custom products to the client’s specifications if the required items cannot be found among our stock sizes, delivering the finished products rapidly and reliably all over the world. If necessary, we can help with dimensioning and the choice of the right material.

                     Materials for casting

Bronze alloys are used in the production of machines whose parts must have good sliding properties and be resistant to seawater and chemical corrosion. This group of materials covers a wide range of metals. Bronze alloys are used not only when dry lubrication and great strength are required; they also offer good machinability and finishability.

                     Materials for casting

Copper Alloys

  • High thermal conductivity Copper alloys: CuCr1Zr, CuCr1, CuZr

  • Copper Silicon for electro-mechanical applications

  • Copper Beryllium: CuBe1®, CuBe2®

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