Bushings and Bearings

Application Examples

  • All types of sliding bearings

  • Selaing housings for marine


  • Worm wheels

  • Bolts

  • Sliding shoes

  • Stone crusher bearings

  • Sliding bearings on water lubrication

  • Sliding bearings with high edge loads

  • Locomotive cradle bearing

  • Crowns for roller bearings

  • Aircraft Bushings

  • Aerospace Bushings

  • Landing Gear Bushings

Bronze Bushings and Bearings

Moston Centrifugal LTD, has focused on becoming the industry benchmark for producing high quality bushing and bearings to the mining, MRO (MAINTENANCE, REPAIR, OVERHAUL) and engineering sector.

Unlike our competitors we do supply our customers with finished products casted and machined under one roof.

The range of bushing products we regularly cast include bearings, flanged and half bushes, wear plates and many other castings for general engineering, steel making plants and mining applications. Where possible, Moston Centrifugal regularly commit to fast turnaround orders for urgent breakdown situations.

A range of alloys are offered including Aluminium Bronze (AB2), Tin and Leaded Bronze (LB2), Phos Bronze (PB) and Manganese Bronze (HTB). These metals are used for providing high strength at elevated temperatures.


From raw materials to finished bushing at once


Machining phase normally produces as much as 50-70% of chips from cast item weight. If you let us do the machining, we contribute this material almost with it’s full raw material price. All of our machining returning and chips go back to melting.

We machine products according to customer drawings. Our machinery is suitable for producing prototypes, small series for services business as well as series production for the need of assembling industry. Part size varies from 60 mm valves to large over 1200 mm sealing housings.

When requested on order we are able to guarantee full traceability of cast material until the melting batch and provide dimensional and mechanical testing for the product in our own laboratory.

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