Mining & Construction Parts

Moston Centrifugal can produce extremely high-strength mining components, including bearings used in earthmoving equipment able to handle high compressive and shock loads while maintaining good lubrication qualities.

As well as bearings, Moston manufactures seal retainers from aluminium bronze for hostile-environment track axle applications and axle bearings from manganese bronze or high tensile brass alloys for similar applications.

Moston Centrifugal also manufactures tractor shovel bushes to handle the high impact shock loads and immense twisting forces found in heavy earthmoving and mining equipment.  


We support the Construction industry through;

  • Manufacture to customer drawings

  • Supply of components in small, medium and high volume batches

  • Flexible approach to production orders and schedules

  • No minimum order quantity

  • Extensive stockholding facility of copper-based alloys

  • Full material traceability



  • Hydraulic Excavator Parts

    • Pivot Bushings

    • Bucket Bushings

    • Dump Cylinder Bushings

    • Shovel Bushings

  • Electric Rope Shovel Parts

    • Bottom Shell Bushings

    • Countershaft Bushings

    • Adjustment Ring Bushings

    • Idler Bushings

    • Center Gudgeon Bushings

  • Industrial Equipment

    • Wear Plates

    • Gib Segments

    • Shaft Guide Bearings

    • Bearing Support Rings

    • Transfer Bearings

    • Spherical Bearings

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