Seam Welding Electrodes

Seam welding produces an extremely durable weld because the joint is forged due to the heat and pressure applied. A properly welded joint formed by resistance welding can easily be stronger than the material from which it is formed.


The electrode wheels apply a constant force to the work pieces and rotate at a controlled speed. Seam welding equipment is normally fixed and the components being welded are manipulated between the wheels.

Seam Welding Wheels

Alloys Required


Available Sizes

Up to 460 mm. wheels/discs in semi-finished or finished forms according to drawing.

Contact Shafts & Housings

Alloys Required

  ***(according to the disc required)

Available Sizes

Finished forms according to drawing

Seam welding wheel
Seam welding
seam welding machine
seam welding machine


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